Enjoy a Traditional Moroccan Hookah at Al Farid

No Moroccan meal is complete without smoking an authentic hookah pipe. Each day the water pipes are packed with freshly flavoured tobaccos. Choose between a number of fruit flavours, such as Grape, Lemon, Mint and many more.

History of Shisha

Shisha’s unique culture and history span many centuries and continents and are uniting features of diverse communities around the world. Enjoying shisha has been a fixture of social and cultural activity since its first appearance in India in the 16th century.
The tradition evolved from 17th century Persia to 18th century Turkey to 19th century Egypt and Pakistan, spreading to Western Europe and the United States as the world became more connected and migrants brought their cultures to new homes.
Today, enjoying shisha together remains a symbol of respect, hospitality, and social engagement in many communities.

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